Kinds Of Kitchen Benchtops And Their Advantages

With so many seat top item types and colors accessible available, picking one could be very overpowering and invigorating. So what kind of seat top would you say you are needing? Here the primary kinds of seat top you can browse:

Overlay Benchtops

This is the least expensive choice for your seat top. As of not long ago it has been the standard seat top item for most Kiwi homes. Assuming you are needing the least expensive choice then this is most certainly for you. Contact our accomplice TOPWORKS for a statement.


Generally reasonable. Less expensive than normal and designed stones. Flexible and adjustable, Simple to change and doesn’t need exceptional synthetic substances for cleaning. Doesn’t hold onto the development of shape, buildup, microscopic organisms, and different microorganisms.


Not generally so solid as regular stones, Grating cleaning might cause checks and harm ,Will look dull and old whenever harmed, Simple to cut and scratch, No protection from heat, which implies it can dissolve or consume and hence, could make consuming imprint.

Rock Benchtops

Rock ledges are on the whole normal stone. Its close to jewel hard surface makes it the ideal stone material for kitchen bencht tops. Rock are heat, scratches and stain safe in addition to it doesn’t requires fixing.


Are normally less expensive than some other surfaces, Offers practically limitless decisions in colors and examples, Normal Granite is likewise probably the hardest surface accessible so it is scratch safe, Incredibly heat safe consequently, consume and singe safe , Once fixed, rock is stain safe


Can be pricey, Should be fixed once like clockwork, Retains oils and fluids, It can break without any problem

Marble Benchtops

Marble seat tops are produced using limestone. It is gentler than rock and is commonly the favored stone for washroom establishment, divider and floor tiles and those that are encircled by fire.


Exemplary, immortal magnificence, and a white brilliance not accessible in different stones, Since it is milder to work with than some other stones, Marble is more averse to get chipped or harmed when it is cut, It’s normally cool and not a hotness conductor, Heat safe, Simple to see as it is broadly accessible.


Can be very costly, Since it is a gentler stone, you can hope to see more stains and scratches showing up on a superficial level, When it becomes stained, it very well may be viewed as long-lasting, oak benchtops, Acrylic seat tops are an exceptionally appealing and a reasonable option in contrast to rock seat tops and other stone surfaces. They’re impervious to stains and are supposed to be inexhaustible and repairable, notwithstanding, with different brands available there are contrasts in quality and strength. Check the guarantees that are advertised.


Can be exceptionally simple to clean and isn’t impacted by synthetic substances in like manner family cleaners, Can be economical and are not difficult to introduce, Stain safe


Not generally so solid as different stones, Have the capacity of scratching effectively, which is generally long-lasting, It can get harmed effectively when presented to hot things as it’s not heat safe, Will more often than not look exceptionally plain and exhausting, Can chip or scratch more effectively than different stones.For more information please visit